XVI International Seminar on Indo-Portuguese History 30.09.2024 to 02.10.2024
New perspectives on a common heritage: Looking forward


The International Seminar on Indo-Portuguese History has been bringing together researchers from all over the world for 45 years, intending to promote the study of relations between India and Portugal over time in a multidisciplinary and holistic way. In its fifteen meetings, held between 1978 and 2018, the Seminar has brought together hundreds of researchers who, for the most part, are now references in international historiography. Some of the interpretative lines that today structure the history of the Indian Ocean and maritime Asia in modern times were presented for the first time at these seminars, constituting relevant milestones, particularly in the study of diplomatic, political, economic, social, and cultural relations between Europe and India.

Now that the Covid 19 pandemic has passed, the conditions are right to resume face-to-face meetings, and it is hoped that the Seminar will return to India, specifically to Goa, where it last met in 2003. The scientific axis of the 16 th SIHIP is oriented towards the study of Heritage, proposing a holistic and comprehensive vision rooted in a shared history and heritage that must be revisited through a new questionnaire aligned with the objectives of international research and applying diversified methodologies and concepts from a multi- and interdisciplinary perspective.



Organising Committee

João Paulo Oliveira e Costa (CHAM)

Carla Alferes Pinto (CHAM)

Ernestine Carreira (Universidade de Aix-Marseille)

Fatima de Silva Gracias

Alexandra Torcato Alves




Universidade de Aix-Marseille + Catédra Eduardo Lourenço