Permanent Seminar «Reading and the Forms of Writing»


The monthly sessions of the Research Group «Information, Reading, and Writing Forms», open to all, aim to present and discuss research by specialists on topics within its scope, that is, the evolution of reading and the forms of writing in its various supports, in its transits, connections, uses and meanings, and about its producing, mediating and receiving subjects. These sessions began in 2014, at the then Center for the History of Culture (CHC), and were given mainly by Portuguese and Brazilian researchers. They allowed the dissemination of dozens of lectures to a heterogeneous audience, with varied backgrounds and interests. From 2020-21 on, this plural academic forum will have as a partner the Research Group «Iberian and Ibero-American culture, history and thought», given the Luso-Brazilian nexus of much of its debates.




Daniel Melo (CHAM)

João Costa (CHAM)