Nossa Senhora da Luz (NSL) - a contribution to the study of the heritage of Porto Pim Bay, the India Run and the call in the Azores in the 18th century




Start . 2014

Duration . 24 months

Principal Investigator . José António Bettencourt (CHAM)


Main Research Units

CHAM — Centro de Humanidades



This project intends to continue the study of the site where the main flagship of the India Run Nossa Senhora da Luz (NSL) wrecked, on the southern coast of Faial Island, at the entrance to the bay of Porto Pim, in November 1615, at the final phase of a troubled connection between the capital of the State of India and Portugal.

The archaeological site, discovered in the 1990s, occupies a broad area where ceramic materials (porcelain and stoneware), metal, ballast stones and glass objects have been found.

An integrated study of the historical and archaeological documentation is to be carried out. The archaeological documentation has so far provided data on the material culture related to the ship.









José António Bettencourt    .    Coordenator

Alexandre Brazão
Christelle Chouzenoux (CHAM)
Cristóvão Fonseca (CHAM)
Inês Pinto Coelho (CHAM)
Marco Pinto
Patrícia Carvalho (CHAM)
Tiago Silva (CHAM)