Conference 21.09.2023 to 23.09.2023
Forced migrations between Christianity and Islam in the modern era: spaces, societies, and identities


This conference is organized within the framework of the exploratory project MOVING CITY (EXPL/HAR-HIS/1521/2021), which aims to understand the human forces that participated in the Battle of Alcácer Quibir (1578). The project focuses not only on the military history of the event itself, but also on the study of the ransom of captives caused by the battle, and more generally, on the captives of the Mediterranean and Atlantic corsair wars.


With the aim of promoting interdisciplinarity and dialogue, a call for paper proposals is open to researchers from different thematic areas.


Proposals must be submitted with a title, abstract (about 500 words), and a brief biography (maximum 150 words) until March 31, 2023. The conference will be organized in both in-person and online modalities. A selection of the presented papers will be published in a collective book with scientific arbitration.


Conference website:



Scientific Coordination

Edite Alberto (CHAM)


Scientific Committee

Ahmed Bouchard, Université Hassan II, Casablanca
Dejanirah Couto, École Pratique des Hautes Études Section des Sciences historiques et philologiques, Paris
João Paulo Oliveira e Costa, Departamento de História e CHAM | NOVA FCSH, Lisboa
Maria Augusta Lima Cruz, CHAM | NOVA FCSH, Lisboa
Michele Bosco, Universitat de València, Valencia
Miguel Angel de Bunes Ibarra, Instituto de Historia, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientìficas, Madrid
Paulo Catarino Lopes, IEM | NOVA FCSH, Lisboa
Rui Manuel Loureiro, ISMAT e CHAM | NOVA FCSH, Lisboa


Organizing Committee

Diogo Pereira (CHAM)
Luís Costa e Sousa, coordenação (CHAM)
Mafalda Malheiro (CHAM)
Mostafa Zekri (CHAM e ISMAT)
Tiago Machado de Castro (CHAM)





Projecto MOVING CITY - Cidades para a guerra: um exército europeu em Marrocos no século XVI / Cities made for war: an European army in late Sixteenth-Century Morocco


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