Art Consumption in Portugal in the Early Modern Age



Start . 2013

Duration . 36 months

Principal Investigator Nuno Senos (CHAM)



Main Research Unit

CHAM — Centro de Humanidades



The study of the Portuguese artistic production of Early Modern Age has been focused on painting, sculpture, and architecture, on the one hand and, on the other, it has been approached mainly from the point of view of production. This project looks at a much vaster array of objects (including textiles, clothing, jewelry, and metalwork among others) a analysis them from the point of view of the makers but rather that of the consumers. Therefore, the primary sources for this project are inventories, cargo lists or custom records and not the objects themselves.



This projects aims at determining which works of art  did people from the various social groups acquire, where they bought them, how much they paid for them, which ones tey preferred and how did they use them inside their houses.








Nuno Senos     .    Coordenator

Alexandra Curvelo (IHA / NOVA FCSH)
Alexandre Nobre Pais (Museu Nacional do Azulejo)
Ana Claro (CHAM)
Ana Moás
Ana Serrano
André Filipe Neto
Bruno A Martinho (CHAM)
Carla Alferes Pinto (CHAM)
Catarina Santana Simões (CHAM)
Cátia Teles e Marques (NOVA FCSH)
Inês Cristóvão
Inês Pinto Coelho (CHAM)
Jessica Hallett
Joana Bento Torres (CHAM)
João Martins
Luís Fernandes
Luisa Penalva (MNAA)
Manuel Apóstolo
Maria Antónia Amaral
Maria Antónia Pinto de Matos (MNAz)
Maria Barreto Dávila (CHAM)
Maria de Lurdes Craveiro (FLUL)
Maria João Pacheco Ferreira (CHAM)
Miguel Ribeiro Soares
Patrícia Machado (MNAA)
Rafael Moreira (CHAM)
Raquel Santos
Sónia Brochado