Portugal – The Philippines: Connected Histories




Start . 2019

Principal Investigator . Paulo Jorge de Sousa Pinto (CHAM)





Funding Entity

Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Lisbon


Main Institution

CHAM - Centro de Humanidades


Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal
Embassy of Spain in Lisbon
Fundação Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva


Ateneo of Manila University
Universidad Pablo de Olavide



Portugal – The Philippines: Connected Histories brings together a wide set of academic and scientific initiatives aimed at promoting contacts and enhancing mutual knowledge between Portugal and the Philippines. The origin of the project goes back to the first contacts established between CHAM researchers and the Embassy of the Philippines in Lisbon and the first scientific exchange between Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL) and Ateneo de Manila University (AMU), within the scope of the Merging Voices project. This exchange was consolidated in 2018 with the signing of a collaboration protocol between the two universities. The approximation of the 500 years of the journey of Fernão de Magalhães and the first circumnavigation of the world constituted the opportune moment to carry out the first activities, in 2019, with the direct involvement of the Embassy of the Philippines and other entities. The success led to the formation of a Working Group of researchers from CHAM and other university centres, with the project unfolding in different activities and extending its timeframe until 2022.



Portugal – The Philippines: Connected Histories aims at building a platform of approximation between Portugal and the Philippines, promoting the mutual knowledge of the respective History and Culture, namely through the knowledge of both common past. Contacts between academic and scientific institutions, the exchange of researchers and the realization of joint initiatives are priority objectives.



  Paulo Jorge de Sousa Pinto   .    Coordenator

   Alexandra Curvelo  (IHA, NOVA FCSH)
   Elsa Penalva (CHAM)
   Isabel Araújo Branco (CHAM)
   Jeremy Roe (CHAM)
   Kevin Carreira Soares (Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa)
   Maria João Pacheco Ferreira (CHAM)
   Mariana A. Boscariol (CHAM)
   Miguel Geraldes Rodrigues (CHAM)
   Miguel Rodrigues Lourenço (CHAM)
   Pedro Cardim (CHAM)
   Pedro Pinto (CHAM)
   Rui Manuel Loureiro (CHAM)




Journées d'étude internationales24.11.2021 to 25.11.2021
Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès
Internacional Conference23.06.2021 to 23.07.2021
Contacts and Continuities
School of Humanities da Ateneo de Manila University