In the company of the King. Interpersonal relationships and factions games around King Manuel I



Code . EXPL/EPH-HIS/1720/2013

Start . 2014

Duration . 12 months

Principal Investigator . Alexandra Pelúcia (CHAM)


Funding Entity

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

Main Research Unit

CHAM — Centro de Humanidades

Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas / Universidade Nova de Lisboa



The project seeks to provide a unique contribution to the understanding of the Manueline period. Its starting point is the notion that individuals and their interpersonal relationships are essential to understand the dynamics and evolution of ruling. We intend to establish the identity, career and the nature of the ties of King Manuel I with members of his court, favouring those who won his personal and political confidence.




Based on the only known list of residents of the Royal House for King Manuel’s reign, dated from 1518 and with incomplete data, the project will proceed with a systematic collection and cross-checking of information from various sources and work instruments. This initiative will lead to an updated catalogue of the residents of the Royal House, their roles and profiles, as well as other, more specific lists of Councillors and senior officers. The nature of the offices will assess who had direct communication with the King and its degree of importance, and draw conclusions on the operation of the social and political structures of the Court.







Alexandra Pelúcia   .   Coordenadora
Ana Isabel Buescu (CHAM)
Andreia Martins Carvalho (CHAM)
Hélder Carvalhal (CIDEHUS / UÉ)
João Paulo Oliveira e Costa (CHAM)
Maria Barreto Dávila (CHAM)
Nuno Senos (FCSH)






Final Report - Approved

"Os objectivos científicos previstos foram plenamente atingidos. Os resultados evidenciam grande qualidade científica, nomeadamente ao nível das publicações em revistas internacionais com referee. O projecto contribuiu para a formação de jovens investigadores e para a projecção internacional da equipa envolvida."