'As palavras com que nos cosemos...'




Start . 2016
Principal Investigators Ana Claro (CHAM) / Alice Santiago Faria (CHAM) / Isabel Soares de Albergaria (CHAM) / Maria João Pacheco Ferreira (CHAM) / Nuno Senos (CHAM) / Renata Malcher de Araujo (CHAM) / Sandra MG Pinto (CHAM)



Main Research Unit

CHAM — Centro de Humanidades




‘As palavras com que nos cosemos...’ was designed by the 'Art, History and Heritage' group and aims at addressing language as an element that both unites and separates, cross-cutting our thematic barriers in different ways. It intends to think about a common artistic and architectural lexicon that bridges Portuguese-speaking geographical and temporal spaces. As such, it is also intended to contribute to CHAM's strategic project regarding the Frontiers subject, by reflecting on the issue of language as a defining instrument, or not, of frontiers, either spatial, cultural or social.


Formally startied in September 2016, the project was organised in terms of 'scales', assigned to sub-groups headed by the following researchers, in charge of their respective coordination and boosting:


Territory and Landscape scale – Renata Malcher de Araujo and Isabel Soares de Albergaria

Urban scale – Sandra MG Pinto

Architecture scale – Nuno Senos

Object scale– Maria João Pacheco Ferreira

Technological scale– Ana Claro

The members of the research group were assigned to the scales according to their fields of work. Each scale is self-organised and works according to the rhythm established by the group members. Nonetheless, a calendar of activities has been set up, including regular work sessions consisting of individual or group presentations, followed by discussion and progress reports.



The project 'As palavras com que nos cosemos...' was designed by the ‘Art, History and Heritage’ group with two initial purposes: firstly, to find a common working basis that would allow the various group members to get better acquainted and work together; and secondly, to be an exploratory instrument that would enable the formation of sufficient critical mass for a subsequent application for external funding.







Ana Claro    .    Coordenator

Alice Santiago Faria    .    Coordenator
Isabel Soares de Albergaria     .    Coordenator
Maria João Pacheco Ferreira    .    Coordenator

Nuno Senos     .    Coordenator
Renata Malcher de Araujo     .    Coordenator

Sandra MG Pinto    .    Coordenator

Mercedes Llorente (CHAM)

Antonieta Reis Leite (CHAM)

Ana Serrano (CHAM)

Rafael Moreira (CHAM)

Raquel Santos (CHAM)

André Filipe Neto (CHAM)

Teresa de Campos Coelho (CHAM)

Luis Correia
Nicole Martins