Transcultural, Literary, and Postcolonial Studies




This group is composed of researchers working on multiple aspects related to cultural, literary, and post-colonial studies, adopting transdisciplinary approaches. Thus, working independently and in teams, these researchers' interests include the didactics of contemporary languages and cultures, contemporary cultural and literary production, different artistic objects of intangible culture, cultural, literary and artistic exchanges, as well as postcolonial culture and literature, in this case prioritising decolonial concerns. The subjects addressed by the group include: teaching; uses of collective memory; national, regional and postcolonial identities; gender issues; utopias, dystopias and different cartographies of the imaginary; and a variety of forms of cultural resistance.







Margarida Rendeiro


Susete Albino


Leonor Sampaio da Silva
Representative of the Permanent Committee for Scientific Committee