Archaeology and Landscapes




The Archaeology and Landscapes group includes researchers dedicated to the study of past landscapes, sharing work methodologies, and exploring issues that cut across different areas. Urban planning and the archaeologies of architecture and construction, as well as other material elements related to urban or other architectural spaces, constitute one of the group's lines of study, with a specific focus on Historical Archaeology (Roman, Medieval and Modern). Maritime cultural landscapes are approached as a reflection of the human relation with the aquatic environments, encompassing the study of ships, ports or land structures related to life on rivers or the oceans (Maritime Archaeology, Naval Archaeology, Underwater and Intertidal Archaeology). Research is markedly interdisciplinary, resorting to multiple sources, and addressing intangible aspects. As a whole, the group's fields of activity aim at contributing to connecting contemporary societies with the knowledge of their objects of study, through collaborations, provision of services and heritage education practices.






Rodrigo Banha da Silva


José António Bettencourt


Gonçalo Correia Lopes
Representative of the Permanent Committee for Scientific Committee