Colloquium 02.11.2023 to 04.11.2023
Identity(ies): Politics, Identifications, Comprehensions and Intersectionality
Angra do Heroísmo (in-person and virtual)


The CHAM Postgraduate Forum, from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, is pleased to invite researchers in the formative phase (master's or doctoral) from different disciplines and areas of Humanities to submit their paper proposals to participate in the 1st Colloquium on Identity(ies), which will take place in the city of Angra do Heroísmo, on the island of Terceira, Azores, in a hybrid format (in-person and virtual).


The objective of this colloquium is to bring together researchers from different research fields, whether they are integrated, collaborators or visitors of CHAM, with the purpose of promoting a plural discussion on the concept of Identity(ies) analyzed from different perspectives. Considering individual and collective identities applied to various fields of knowledge and questioning the concept through various lines of analysis, such as: conceptual and methodological issues; Identity(ies) and memory: individual and collective; Politics and identities; Identitarisms; Identifications and categorizations; Self-understandings and social location; Communalities, connectivity and groupness; Intersectional Identity(ies) (race, gender, and class); Heritage and material culture; Non-human Identity(ies).


The official languages of the colloquium will be: Spanish, English, and Portuguese.


Participants must submit, until March 31st, to the email, the title, the abstract of the communication (minimum 250 and maximum 500 words), accompanied by three to five keywords and a brief biographical note. After evaluation by the Scientific Council, the authors will be duly notified on May 2nd.


Proposals must follow the accessible model here.


Organizing Committee

Anahí Meyer Riera (CHAM Açores)

Ana Lúcia Reis  (CHAM / NOVA FCSH)

Beatriz Freitas  (CHAM / NOVA FCSH)

Elizabeth Olegário Bezerra da Silva (CHAM / NOVA FCSHA)

Felipe Oliveira  (CHAM / NOVA FCSH)

Guilherme Borges Pires  (CHAM / NOVA FCSH)

Mariana Meneses M. (CHAM / NOVA FCSH)

Pedro Carvalho Machado (CHAM Açores)

Rute Dias Gregório (CHAM Açores)


Scientific Committee

Ana Cristina Correia Gil (CHAM Açores)

Duarte Nuno Chaves (CHAM Açores)

Isabel Gomes de Almeida (CHAM / NOVA FCSH)

Pedro Cardim (CHAM / NOVA FCSH)

Rute Dias Gregório (CHAM Açores)

Susana Serpa Silva (CHAM Açores)





Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Universidade dos Açores

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

Fundo Regional da Ciência e Tecnologia

Instituto Histórico da Ilha Terceira

Câmara Municipal de Angra do Heroísmo

Governo dos Açores



Biblioteca Pública e Arquivo Regional Luís da Silva Ribeiro

Museu de Angra do Heroísmo 




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